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Performances in Princeton, NJ

September 1 & 2, 2001

The Living Green Childrens Chorus appeared in Princeton, NJ for 4 concert performances of That's What Kids Do! on September 1 & 2.

Here are a few photos of the kids at work! Our thanks to Tom Grim of Thomas Sweet Ice Cream and Chocolate for taking these photos.

That's What Kids Do! Big Finish!
Kelly recalls fondly her Kindergarten days.
Zak sings about the trials of being cool.
Hannah thinks Barbie needs a haircut.
Mary is so frustrated!
Greg is short and proud of it!
The Doctor is in.
Karina is free to be what she wants to be, in her room.
Maggie and company have the Homework Blues!
What we really need is more Chocolate!
Well, I think...
Guys, Really...
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