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Summer Sun

By Cathy Block

    Some people like the winter that’s cool
    They like the snowy tree tops glistening, and the Yule
    But I prefer to feel a summer sun beating down
    My feet burning up a path on the summer ground

    Give me the Summer Sun (4x)

    We’ll go for a stroll along the boardwalk
    We’ll be sipping our sodas over a talk
    In the summer sun…
    We’ll kick up the sand along the beach
    As the waves come within our reach
    In the summer sun…

    All of the flower’s show their colors in June
    And even the birds seem to sing a Beach Boy’s tune
    I’ll stay up all night, under a radiant moon
    And in the morning, I’ll sleep as late as I want to

    Give me the summer sun (4x)

    We’ll go to the movies and carnival
    We don’t have to worry anymore
    In the summer sun
    It’s just a picnic every day
    Come and meet me by the bay
    In the summer sun…

    I’ll be laughing by the pool
    Drifting on a raft all afternoon
    In the summer sun
    Then we’ll have some barbecue
    It’s the summer thing to do
    In the summer sun…

© 2000 by Cathy Block
All Rights For the World Controlled by Building Block Music