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Long Walk From Kindergarten

By Cathy Block

    It’s a long walk from kindergarten
    It’s a long walk to first grade
    It’s a long walk from kindergarten
    I hear the big kids say, those were the days!

    Where’s the cookies?
    Forget about it
    Story time?
    Ya gotta live without it
    What’s this homework thing every night?
    Those are the facts, ya better tow the line


    Where’s the big books?
    They’re history
    Circle time
    Sorry kid
    Centers and hubs
    Get over it
    Get with the program, and you’ll do fine

    I recall fondly those half days
    There was time for everything
    A little work
    A little play
    Such a good balance
    Those were the days!


© 2000 by Cathy Block
All Rights For the World Controlled by Building Block Music